Investment Manager Sydney


Every financial and investment manager at InvestAstute is focused on uncovering your best financial options and is committed to acting in your very best interests.

We believe that to provide you with the most appropriate investment advice and to maximise your wealth potential there must be no ‘incentive’ for the investment manager to select one investment over another.

We are not commission-based financial product salesmen as this structure limits your investment opportunities to those for which the adviser earns a commission.

We are Fee-for-service financial advisers in Sydney

  1. We charge you an agreed fee for the work we do for you.
  2. We work for you, not for financial product providers.
  3. We do not receive any brokerage or commission from any investment
    we recommend to you.
  4. Our advice to you is not influenced by brokerage or commission payments or incentives.
  5. This means our advice is based on rigorous research and selecting the best investments on their merits.

Investment Consulting

Our Investment Consulting Service is right for you if you just want to occasionally seek out financial advice about your investments. Our investment managers in Sydney will clarify what you require, provide you with a fixed fee and obtain your approval to carry out the work. We then provide you with recommendations in writing.

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Investment Advice

We provide detailed written recommendation reports based on your circumstances, objectives and requirements. Once you are satisfied we implement the recommendations and place all the required investments on your behalf. We monitor the performance of all the investments in your portfolio and advise you of any changes needed to maintain your portfolio in optimal condition.

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Direct Shares

If you hold shares in Australian companies directly or would like to start a portfolio of Australian shares, we have some important questions you need to consider. Once we have established your share selection guidelines we will recommend specific buys & sells.

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Investment Manager

We provide Investment Management Services as an adjunct to Investment Advice – think of it as an optional extra which means we can implement portfolio changes without your prior authorisation so we can take advantage of opportunities when they are truely time sensitive. Learn about our transaction security and Managed Discretionary Account” (MDA) authorisation provided by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).

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We offer an obligation free initial meeting to find our whether we can help you.