Financial Planning Advice in Sydney


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Whether you are a business professional or business owner looking to protect
your assets and build your wealth or you are a pre-retiree wanting to fund your
retirement dream, we strongly believe your investment portfolio should be in
total accord with your overall financial plan. We believe our years of experience in the retirement investment field will enable us to provide you with the sound financial planning advice.

Where you already have a good overall financial plan
You may already have a good financial plan in place. If that is the case, we don`t need to reinvent the wheel, but we can review and recommend adjustments to your financial plan to ensure it is properly structured, tax is legally minimised and your assets are protected.

If you need a financial plan
If you do not have a financial plan our highly experienced financial advisers in Sydney can prepare a comprehensive financial plan for you which covers all the required aspects of your total financial position. Our financial planning advice team will ensure all the matters required for the design, implementation and on-going management of your investment portfolio are carefully and professionally planned for your maximum advantage.

Taking the headache out of managing financial affairs
Some of our clients like having all their financial affairs co-ordinated and managed under one roof to ensure they stay on track with their overall financial plan. This reduces their worry of co-ordinating various service professionals.

While we are investment and financial planning specialists we can also provide a total financial management system if you so desire.

This includes preparation of annual financial statements, tax returns, legal advice, estate planning and lodging statutory returns for all your trusts, your SMSF, your companies and personal tax returns.

We are not registered accountants, tax agents or legal advisors but we do work with trusted experts who carry out this work.

If this sounds like music to your ears we can help you by acting as the coordinator between you and these other service professionals to ensure all the required work is done correctly and on time.